Celebrating Youth Week 2020

Posted at 08 Apr 2020

Celebrating Youth Week 2020

We believe the Youth of today can do anything!


Wests Group has a strong commitment to the Youth of Macarthur with financial support and commitments to a range of youth sporting groups and several youth organisations in the region. One of our key focuses is to assist and empowering local kids to do amazing things.


Did you know? Each week, across our venues we welcome up to 3 students for work experience and mentor-ship across areas of our business including hands on training in our kitchens alongside our chefs and catering staff.




We recently welcomed year 11 student Regan Craig, student of the Endeavor Clontarf academy to the Wests League Club kitchen, to work alongside our fantastic Executive Chef Graham Kruger and team.
In honour of Youth week, we caught up with Regan to see what he thought of the experience and what insights he had to offer his fellow students.



Question 1- Tell us your favourite thing about being part of Clontarf foundation?


My favourite thing about the Clontarf foundation is how they treat the boys and I “like men” and how they are giving us exposure to the “Real world” teaching us how to maintain a healthy and successful live style and by giving us trips to local businesses and universities to branch out after secondary school.



Question 2- Who do you look up to in life?


I look up to my mother because of raising 6 kids on her own and always saying positive around us.



Question 3- What did you most love about being part of the Wests Kitchen Team and your experience with Wests?


I loved the environment I was working in, the staff members treated me like I was a real employee and didn’t baby me though my experience which I was hoping they wouldn’t. If I made a mistake during preparation time, they didn’t get angry or upset they took the time to show me the correct ways. I really enjoyed my work placement and the experiences I gained. THANK YOU



Question 4- If you had a piece of advice to give other kids thinking about working as a chef, kitchen hand or hospitality what would it be?


Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because the workers will train you the correct way because they were all at your stage when they started.


We are so proud of Regan and all the young adults we have work with us. Well done to Regan for doing a cracker job – we just know he is onto amazing things!


Wests is a proud partner of the Clontarf foundation, an organisation helping young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men build bright futures.


To find out more about our work in the community and work experience programs please get in touch.