October 2020

Staff Survey Results

In our last survey conducted in October 2021, the staff who responded told us:-


64% of staff could still see themselves working at Wests in two years time.

73% of staff have previously recommended Wests as a great place to work.

51% of staff thought communication between senior leaders and employees is good.

72% of staff thought that our managers are great role models and lead by example.

70% of staff were satisfied with opportunities for professional growth.

72% of staff were satisfied with job related training.

92% of staff were happy with how Covid-19 was managed in our business.

87% of staff believe Wests has a safe work environment.

78% of staff rate our Bravo Employee Rewards and Benefits program.

88% of staff believe that they have a good working relationship with their co-workers.

75% of staff believe that employees treat each other with respect.

53% of staff are satisfied with the workplace flexibility offered.


You told us you liked working at Wests because of:-

  • The People & Culture – friendships, teamwork, customers and managers.
  • The work environment – enjoyable, fun, decent income, rewards, benefits, encouragement and support.
  • Workplace Flexibility – Fits in well with study, work/life balance, flexible work hours.
  • Opportunities – Variety of job roles, good experience, development opportunities, the hours (lots of hours)
  • Location – Close to home, variety of clubs.
  • Community Engagement – Giving back to the community, proud to work at Wests.


Here’s a few things we’ve changed as a result of your feedback:-

  • We are working hard on approving training recommendations and are trying to give approved staff greater training opportunities in all Clubs.
  • We have increased the number of Quantum Rewards Attendants and are continuing to build the team.
  • We have recently agreed to trial approved Catering staff to be given the opportunity to be trained and rostered in the Bistro Bar at Wests.
  • We are continuing to move on unreliable and unmotivated staff members in their probationary period.
  • We are working on implementing an annual review process with a mentoring approach on permanent staff, to develop the relationships between staff and their supervisors/managers.
  • We have advertised and are happy to talk to Casual staff who are interested in transferring their status to Permanent Part Time employment.
  • We recognise all staff when they pick up extra shifts by paying them promptly, right into their account for the hours they worked.  We assure you all Duty Managers are very appreciative and grateful when shifts are picked up and we would like you to know that it doesn’t go unnoticed.
  • Communication – we added communication white boards near our bundy clocks for daily/weekly updates.   These haven’t been as successful as we hoped, so we have ordered some digital communication screens which will be arriving soon. We have also implemented a monthly What’s On communication to ensure all staff know what’s going on in the Club, you should have received these via email and you can also view these on our Staff Facebook page.
  • We are getting ready to submit our plans to renovate the Tennis Club very soon, exciting times ahead.
  • Simon & his team are working on enhancing our menu options and changing them on a seasonal basis
  • We are working on approving leave requests quicker, hopefully you would have seen an improvement. We are also in the process of hiring more staff, to enable us to approve more leave.  There are certain things we can’t change, one of them is the demands of working in the hospitality industry.  Our staff need to be available to meet the operational requirements of our business, that means we need to roster you on weekends and over all public holidays and festive dates, but we will try and accommodate your leave requests to assist you with work/life balance where we can.
  • We encourage our staff if they feel they are not treated the same or fairly to follow the Grievance Procedure we have in place. Please see your manager or HR if you have any concerns to provide us the opportunity to listen and resolve any workplace issues –  please don’t wait for a survey, we would like to resolve any issues as quick as possible.
  • We would like to see our staff develop and provide new opportunities when they arise, therefore we have recently advertised internally a variety of team leader and supervisor roles for staff to express their interest in applying.
  • With Covid restrictions easing, we are re-introducing promotions and entertainment across our venues.