Keeping Hearts beating on the streets of Macarthur

Posted at 15 Jun 2023

Three of the regions’ leading venue operators including Wests Group Macarthur, Campbelltown Catholic Club and Ingleburn RSL are proud to announce a new community partnership with Heart of the Nation, a charity founded by Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle.


The Clubs have committed to a $600,000 3-year deal through the ClubGRANTS program with monies invested to fund the purchase and installation of AED’s into residential suburbs across the Macarthur region. The sponsorship will help fund 66 units per year, including Heart of the Nation wall mounted AEDs, outdoor housing, a tracking device with connectivity for eight years, a set of replacement pads, batteries and supporting AED signage.


Macarthur Champion Graham Miles, with Heart of the Nation Founder and CEO Greg Page.

Macarthur Champion Graham Miles, with Heart of the Nation Founder and CEO Greg Page.


These leading clubs of Macarthur share the vision of Heart of The Nation, which is to have an AED accessible within 1 minute of every home, as AED treatment within a 3 -5 minute window has been proven to improve lifesaving outcomes by up to seventy percent.


Page survived a cardiac arrest while performing at a Wiggles reunion show at Castle Hill RSL in January 2020. He survived because bystanders knew how to perform CPR and there was an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in the club where he was performing.  With the incident occurring in front of an audience of hundreds, and thousands more watching via live stream, a nurse in the audience was then able to re-start Page’s heart using the AED.


“I have no doubt that it was the quick action of bystanders and the use of an AED that saved my life that day,” explained Page. “My charity, Heart of the Nation, aims not only to equip people with better access to an AED, but to also provide increased knowledge to people about where these devices are located.”


The AEDs will be installed in neighbourhoods across the Macarthur region including both Campbelltown and Camden LGA’S.


“I am absolutely delighted to be partnering with the three main venues within Macarthur to deliver 66 AEDs within local communities near their club venues,” Page added.


Graham Miles, First Aid Trainer and Spring Farm local, understands the impact access to an AED can have, and fundraised for the purchase of his own Heart of the Nation AED unit in 2022, which is affixed to his house for community use. “In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, having an AED close by could save a life and it’s fantastic the clubs are providing AEDs to the community, they should be everywhere.” Miles supports the launch of the units distribution through Macarthur and encourages people to put forward their interest to house an AED on their property, adding “maintenance of the units is limited to a monthly check, as well as clear access to the unit from the street”.


Wests Group Macarthur Chief Executive Officer Daniel Perkiss comments, “Wests Group Macarthur is honoured to be a supporter of the Heart of the Nation program. his is a lifesaving initiative and one we are truly behind on behalf of the community. We all want to see Macarthur locals safe and well and the provision of these lifesaving AEDs will support that”.

Macarthur Champion Graham Miles with Greg Page and Clubs of Macarthur CEOs

Three clubs unified to make community accessible AEDs possible. Pictured: Liza Hammersley of Ingleburn RSL, Daniel Perkiss of Wests Group Macarthur, Graham Miles, Greg Page of Heart of the Nation and Michael Lavorato of Campbelltown Catholic Club.

Those interested in housing a Heart of the Nation Macarthur AED unit can complete an expression of interest online via Wests, Ingleburn RSL and Campbelltown Catholic Club websites.


Each venue provider takes pride in designing and delivering community support services for Macarthur and partnering to support initiatives for the betterment of the region. For more information on each of the club’s community support endeavours please visit: